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Lamdu is a programming language designed to be useful and delightful

Lamdu aims to achieve its goal by:

Text-like user interface: A predictable user interface with rich code completions, without the possiblity of syntax errors

Responsive layout: Continuous, automatic code formatting without the user needing to deal with formatting

Steady Typing: Harnessing the full power of rich static types, while making them friendly by employing type inference with a novel user interface for type errors

Live reloading: Safe continuous execution of code by differentianting pure computations from effectful processes

Internationalization (NEW!): Making the natural language of the code just a display preference


Version 0.8.1 (Release notes):


The current release is a technology preview and isn't yet recommended for production use. Creating a programming language that isn't based on text-files is no small feat. The goal is to create a competetive, fully-featured programming language and environment but there is still so much to be done.

Similar Efforts

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Contributors wanted!

Lamdu is an open-source project originally created late in 2011.

If you share our dream and want to help us realize it, join us!
A good place to contact us is our gitter chat room.

We need help in:


We wish to thank our sponsors:

We also wish to thank contributors of translations:

And also thanks to everyone else who contributed to Lamdu, and also to those who tried it and provided feedback!