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Lamdu: an open source live programming environment

Typed pure functional programming made easy, learnable and efficent


Lamdu features immediate feedback, localized type errors, live execution on top of projectional editing to create a unique programming experiece. See video:


Version 0.7.1 (Release notes):


The current release is a technology preview. The intention is for it to become a competetive fully featured programming language and environment but it will still take us a while.

It can, and has been used to create real applications such as web servers and web sites, but we don't yet recommend using it for a production environment.

Similar Efforts

See the list of projects of r/nosyntax.

Contributors wanted!

Lamdu is currently being developed by two developers, Peaker and yairchu. It is an open-source project that we work on part-time since late 2011.

If you share our dream and want to help us realize it, join us! A good place to contact us is our gitter chat room.

(btw: you may have also noticed that contribution could help in designing this very web page)